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This reading and listening program is intended for Elementary Spanish level. Most of the vocabulary has been carefully selected to match vocabulary selections and grammar tenses appropriate of introductory Spanish textbooks. An easy reading Spanish story is enhanced with the listening in the audio book version.

Please note that this book will not be as effective if only reading it. Its effectiveness results from the simultaneous combination of Spanish reading and listening.

The cognitive process of assimilating and comprehending the language is enhanced when the audio is played while the student reads. Very effective for new Spanish learners as well as for heritage learners that are familiar with words but don’t know how to write Spanish.

This paperback edition has QR codes that can be scanned using a tablet or phone to play the audio. You may also access the links that will take you to the audio and you will be able to play it in a computer. The objective is that you can read the story simultaneously. In case you are not familiar with the scanning of QR codes, the book is also available as an audio book in Audible, facilitating the reading while listening.

The book provides readers an enjoyable option to practice the language while learning about the adventures of a student that wins a trip to Spain.

It is the first book of the series “Buen Camino”. The character in the story is a student who after winning a trip to Spain; chooses to walk “El camino de Santiago”, all the way from Roncesvalles (by the Pyrenees in the border with France) to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and beyond to Finisterre. This first level book starts when the character is getting ready to go to Spain, plus the first experiences. In these pages, the vocabulary which is commonly known as the objects in the classroom, will have a more practical and engaging application when reading about what the character needs to pack for the trip and to keep a journal.

Being the main character a student from the United States experiencing Spain for the first time, the reader will easily get identified with the difficulties and situations the character experiences. The verbs ser, estar and other uses of tener will all be combined in a subtle way which provides an excellent opportunity to review the differences in a different context. The use of present tense regular verbs, stem-change verbs, reflexive verbs and vocabulary related to common learning objectives, are incorporated in the first little book.

These are the different sections: 1) ¡A prepararse! How much do you know about this context? 2) ¡A leer! Reading while simultaneous listening to the audiobook. 3) Personal Glossary: Readers look up unfamiliar words and write the meaning in their personal glossary. 4) ¡A analizar! Students practice the vocabulary as well as discuss ideas in the book. Check for understanding. Discuss cultural points. 5) ¡A escribir! Students write a short composition explaining why they should be selected to win a trip to Spain.

FOR SECTIONS 3-4-5-6 visit: http://buen-camino.weebly.com to download the FREE activities in a PDF which is not compatible with the Kindle format and to have access to the audio of a pronunciation guide for some of the vocabulary.

The total audio book length is 54 minutes. It is advised to do a first listening/reading for the first time. Next, when repeating the content you can go chapter by chapter. Each chapter has individual audio options. Good practice to review content at the end of the semester or school year, as well as for the start of a new semester or school year of an intermediate Spanish level.

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