Spanish for Kids: Los Animales Review

In this award-winning program, children explore the world of animals and sounds, and get treated to a few surprises along the way. Children will giggle with glee at this motley group of animals, including a timid elephant who gets chased out of town by a mouse, a witty dog who can mimic the sounds of his farm friends, and a mischievous donkey who stirs up a hullabaloo in the barnyard! These playful puppets will have kids up on their feet dancing and singing along to beloved Spanish-language folksongs Los Pollitos and Vengan a Ver Mi Granja. This award-winning program is an ideal introduction to Spanish for the youngest language learners. The DVD teaches Spanish using the immersion teaching method recommended by language acquisition experts. (For more information about immersion, please watch the Language Immersion video on the company’s website.) The DVD includes an easy-to-use translation guide for parents and teachers, as well as Spanish subtitles for adult learners. Designed for ages 1-5, Los Animales is perfect for the whole family!

Customer Reviews

My 19 month old daughter is captivated with this and other whistlefritz dvds. would recommend it to any parent who wants to start their children out with a 2nd language early.

My kids love these videos. They are 3.5 (twins) and have been watching these videos since they were 1. I bought the box set of DVD’s…

Getting your kids to sit still for more than 5 minutes is a struggle especially if they don’t understand spanish. My kids love this and they learned new words and phrases.

I teach Spanish to 2 year old through kindergarten and all of the classes enjoyed this age appropriate DVD. Gracias!

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Originally posted 2016-01-24 09:48:19.

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