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Learning Spanish has never been this easy! This complete language learning kit includes the 10 minutes a day® audio CDs, the book and the interactive CD-ROM. SPANISH in 10 minutes a day® AUDIO CDs 8 hours of audio instruction with personal tutors to guide you through each step Easy to use on their own or with the 10 minutes a day® book SPANISH in 10 minutes a day® Book 132-page


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  1. J. Weber, 12 November, 2013

    I enjoy this book as a supplement to my other workbooks and audio programs for entry level spanish. The CD’s use several different voices which I find helpful in acclimating my ear to hearing the language. To the reviewers who felt this workbook/CD was lacking I feel they missed the point that this is beginning spanish in only 10 minutes a day! Ola!!! The title isn’t expert fluency in the spanish language at the doctoral level! It’s fun, easy to use and I have good memory retention with the words. I find it helps with initial success in learning words to go on and build sentences and conversations from that. I’ve loaded the CD’s in my itunes library and practice during my walks, alternating with the Pimsleur audio CD’s which I also like. I also used the sticky labels around the house and it’s been fun with company. I feel this set provides a good return for the rather minimum investment.

  2. Anne Blocker “”, 12 November, 2013

    A number of years ago, The National Learning Laboratory endorsed and honored the Kershul series of language books. Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day was among them. At the time, they were sold mainly in airports. As a visual learner, I was surprised to find that the CD made a tremendous difference in my ability to learn and retain. It also made a difference in my confidence level and my motivation. It took seven days to learn the material including a thousand words of vocabulary. Using accelerated methods I was able to greatly increase my vocabulary to an intermediate level, given this basic practical understanding of Spanish — without chapters of grammar and rules of usage. What an enjoyable experience!

  3. Collector “Head Vase Collector”, 12 November, 2013

    I have tried other spanish learning tapes. I have also attended Spanish classes with a regular Spanish instructor that teaches in high schoool ( Spanish 1 – 4 ). I didn’t learn Spanish until I obtained the book and tapes. Because I travel so much in my job I have a great opprotunity to be able to listen to the tapes. The book – tape combination is awesome and now I feel confident. What I have learned is sticking with me and I now feel like I can communicate in Spanish. The sticky labels that come with the book are also great. It’s a package well put together. I am mid way through tape two ( two of six ) and am surprised at how much I can already say and understand. What an easy way to learn….

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